mental health benefits of exercise treadmill

7 Reasons Why Exercise Is Good For Your Brain Health

Want some motivation to workout? Follow below to know why exercise is good for your brain.

  1. Better Blood Flow and Boost Circulation

Exercise results in better blood flow in your body leasing to boost up the circulation which brings more oxygen-rich blood to your brain. You should not be surprised to know that the brain is that part of the body which only contains two percent of the total body’s weight while it is responsible for more than twenty percent of blood supply to circulate in your body.

  1. Boost Self Esteem

Well, it is human psychology to feel more confident when you are physically fit so what are you waiting for? Just hop on the best treadmill you can find to boost your self-esteem and feel like a millionaire. You know it is a fact that people realize the self-worth much quickly and lift up their perception about their own attraction regardless of their age, weight or physical appearance when they feel more confident about being themselves.

  1. Modulation of Blood Pressure

Exercise helps in improving your cardiovascular function and thus modulates your blood pressure as a result. Obviously when your heart is working properly will ultimately improve your brain performance. You should be happy to know that exercise helps in the overall well-being of your brain functions by reducing the risk of blockages and strokes.

  1. Better Memory

Well, exercise largely helps in boosting your memory as well as it puts an immediate impact on your memory formation too. Research shows that walking or cycling may help in speeding up the process of learning a new language which is even started from a raw. So gear up and start using your treadmill to boost up your memory and enjoy learning a foreign language with much ease.

  1. Boost Happy Hormones

No doubt that you are going to have a good day after a good work out in your gym. Your brain cells actively the happy hormones of your body when you exercise and hence help you in having good or happy moods comparatively. Since it helps in boosting the level of dopamine in your brain which is a kind of neurotransmitter driving the reward pathway in the brain resulting in a state of good feelings. So, running a few miles on your treadmill does no harm to you and instead makes you feel much happier and good about yourself.

  1. Better Concentration

Exercising helps the brain to focus on things in much depth than usual which make it busier allowing a person to sense the surroundings and synchronize with more concentration. Science has even proved this with testing school children who obviously proved to more ignorant towards distractions and are much multitasking. But this phenomenon of focused mind applies to all of us.

  1. Reduced Stress Levels

You must start your treadmill after a hectic day at your office and have a quick workout to reduce stress levels and enjoy being relaxed in a much shorter time. Your brain gets instant relief with exercise which is one of the biggest benefits of working out and is equally important for your health.