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Brain-Booster Drinks – 5 Drinks To Superboost

The brain is the headquarters of the body, and being the headquarter it needs to be vigilant all the time. The brain supports every bit of the body, it keeps everything on track from the heart to the lungs.

So, to keep the brain active you need to keep it very healthy. To keep your brain strong, you need to eat the healthiest food. The food and drinks that can boost up your brain and keep it very healthy as well. Juicers have become extremely popular within the last decade or so. People often use these machines to get their daily vitamins and nutrients. The best juicer will usually come with a few recipes to help you get started. Below you’ll find some of our favorites!

Here are various drinks that are great brain boosters.

  1. Coffee

To those people who love coffee, fortunately for them, coffee is the ultimate brain booster. And to those who don’t like coffee, they should really start having it soon. The secret of coffee being a brain booster lies in its two main ingredients i.e. caffeine and antioxidants. These are the ingredients that help your brain stay active for a long time. Effecting your brain positively, it makes the brain more alert as it blocks the adenosine, that’s the chemical that makes the brain sleepy. It also puts you in a good mood. Coffee also helps in improving your concentration. With coffee, you can reduce the probability of having Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  1. Blueberries

Since blueberries are the best brain booster food, you can have a blueberry slush or blueberry shake to boost your concentration. The deep colored berries like blueberries have anthocyanins, that have positive effects like, antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. Antioxidants help with stress levels and also inflammation. This helps with brain aging as well as improving memory and reducing forgetfulness.

  1. Orange Juice

Squeezing the juice out of an average sized orange you can get all the vitamin C that your body needs. Vitamin C keeps the brain activity from declining. Vitamin C is great against Alzheimer’s as well as other old age-related diseases. Its full of antioxidant that helps the brain to stay fit and healthy, it’s the best thing you can take to keep your brain active as your age. Other fruits that are full of vitamin C are guava, kiwi, and tomatoes. Juices from these can help boost up your brain.

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  1. Beetroot Juice

The contents of the beetroot juice have all the ingredients that can boost your brain. These ingredients include vitamin C, iron, magnesium as well as folate. Above all, it has nitrates, which improves the blood circulation to the brain and help to keep to vigilant. Experiments that were conducted proved that people who drank beetroot juice have better blood circulation to the brain.

  1. Cocoa

Flavonols that are present in tea are present in cocoa as well. They help in reducing blood pressure. As a result of that, the probability of stroke reduces. It also prevents cell damage and enhances blood circulation. Cocoa helps improve the thinking process, which is very beneficial for students as well as other professionals. A daily drink of cocoa helps improve memory as well as boosts thinking skills.


The brain needs all it can get to keep it vigilant and active, try these healthy drinks and feel the change in your concentration as well as memory.